EnemyTerritory.tv Is Back!
Hey Quake Wars fans! It's time to get back into the business of listening to GreasedScotsman scream his head off along side his fellow shoutcasters as teams go head to head in the Stronger Than All League which has just begun its Season 3 lineup!

Now With Authentic EU Flavoring
For those of you who hail from the other side of the pond, ET.TV is very proud to announce a bona fide EU branch, featuring, in alphabetical order:

Nilco, Pred4tor, Seanza and Verticae!

GreasedScotsman had a chance to listen in on their coverage of the ClanBase Nations Cup featuring the match between Team USA and Team Italy. The commentary was colorful, the sound quality was outstanding, and he definitely can't wait for their future broadcasts.

Euro Shoutcast Audio:

Euro Shoutcast IRC:

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