ET.TV's Match Statistics Converter

This is's Match Stats Converter tool. It is meant for public use so that you, our community and viewers, can take any match statistics obtained from D-i-c-e-R's Data Brain and get it instantly formatted into an HTML file, ready to be downloaded to your hard drive, used on your own ETQW website, or whatever use you may have in store for the data.

To begin, select the Output Format.

The ET.TV Theme option will create a table similar to what is used on the ET.TV site with the page header and footer stripped away. This version includes code for the sorttable javascript library that allows you to click on a table header to dynamically sort the table data. The "sorttable.js" file must uploaded to your own web server along with the saved HTML if you want this functionality to work. The HTML output itself will still look fine if this library is missing, however.

The Basic HTML option will create an HTML table with no major CSS styles or background images and the table data will be static.

The VOD Screenshot option generates content similar to what is used in the VODs prepared by GreasedScotsman, with the text split into "screens" and each table overlaid on a red metalic background.

The Table Source Only option places only the HTML code for the tables into a text area that you can easily copy and paste into another HTML file.

Once you've selected your output format, copy and paste the output from D-i-c-e-R's Data Brain tool into the Statistics input field below and click Submit Stats Info. When the resulting page appears, click the File menu and choose Save Page As... and save the file as HTML or take a screenshot if you wish to save the output as an image.

Output Format:
ET.TV Theme Basic HTML VOD Screenshot Table Source Only

This should be a DIRECT copy and paste of the output from D-i-c-e-R's tool.
ANY change in formatting will probably break the statistics output.