Site Creation

The site was entirely created by Mattc0m. He built the web design from scratch, hand coded the entire website using CSS, and got various open source scripts from around to create the website.

We use a variety of different scripts to make the site as functional as it is. Here is a full listing, in case you wanted to use the functionality on your own website. Feel free to ask any questions on our forums.

The Resources & Scripts of

Message Board

phpBB3 is a large, open source message board. It offers top level security & features, and a robust community.

The style on the forum was adjusted, but is not original. The credit remains intact in the credits on the bottom of the forum style.

Demo Box


This php script looks at a directory, then outputs it into tabular data. It is sortable, and with some custom tweaking I was able to get it do sort via descending order (versus ascending).

The script also allows for some very basic permission, a simple login area, and various little features that make it a very usable, despite a simple script. Great for your own "box" type download / uploading solutions.

visit their website

Audio Streaming - visit their website

This little website allows you to plug in your microphone & webcam and upload (live) to the internet. They have live poll & chat functionality, but more importantly for us they allow you to embed it into your website.

For us, we're able to setup a "bot" that sits in our Ventrilo, then broadcasts all the audio in the channel into the live feed. This allows us to use as many shoutcasters or special guests as we can fit into the Ventrilo channel!

Video Streaming - visit their website

Ustream's audio quality is superb, but their video quality was lacking. After extensive testing, we found provided the best picture quality. We know use this service for the live, streaming video footage.

Tutorial & Live Stream pop-up window

This AJAX effect has a nice web 2.0 feel to it, and allows us to display additional content withuot reloading the page. The overlays & automatic resizing make it a very sleek and easy to use effect, without very much overhead. The script feels just right, and it isn't too bloated.

"Refresh" buttons on Live pages

JAH Javascript - visit their website

This incredibly complex idea was made very simply using the JAH javascript available on the site. Basically it dynamically loads content into a div on the website by using XMLHttpRequest (google it!), but in this case the Javascript is already written for you!

I highly recommend using this little site here to figure out what the heck is going on, I spent over 3 hours trying to figure out before coming across this incredibly useful site. A must have for site that wants to load (or reload) content without reloading the page.

News on frontpage, integrated w/ phpBB3

phpBB3 News - visit their website

A great little script that pulls your news right out of your forum's MySQL database and posts it in a very configurable template on your website. Easy to setup & customize, only took me about 5 minutes to setup, and another 10 minutes to create a good theme that fit the website.