About Us

The idea for EnemyTerritory.tv started in February 2008, with Mattc0m hosting the first shoutcast for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It was a solo, live broadcast featuring a man and a microphone on a lonely Ustream.tv page. The idea grew once support for multiple, simultaneous shoutcasters became possible. New shoutcasters joined the fun and as the staff expanded, we began interviewing teams to get the inside scoop directly from the players before and after each match. Mattc0m realized the galvanizing effect the shoutcasts had on the community but noticed it was missing a central, one-stop resource and created the site we now know as EnemyTerritory.tv.

Shortly after its start up, we decided to take things in a more professional direction and provide a full-fledged shoutcasting service. We wanted a lot of new features for the competitive ETQW community such as a Demo Box, a place for news, and a set of forums that were more focused on competition than the official ETQW Community site. These features became the very successful backbone of EnemyTerritory.tv.

Our goal is to supply everything in one destination--information on upcoming matches, archives of past matches, tons of great video on demand that shows full-length match replays from the lead shoutcaster's perspetive, an expansive demo collection, and tons of other great features. We want to be the only site you need to check to stay up to date with the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars competitive scene.

Our Staff


Founder, Web Designer, and Co-Shoutcaster

Mattc0m brought his webmaster skills to create and design the website, and is the founder of entire EnemyTerritory.TV effort.

Matt also is a co-shoutcaster and ET:QW competitive personality. He was the leader of Hell's Katz Squad's ET:QW division, formerly a top rated team.

He owns and operates Sector Network and his personal blog.


Lead Shoutcaster, Web Developer, and VOD Creator

Best known for his ETQW Video Tutorial Series, and member of the former team !Xc!amation, GreasedScotsman is ET.TV's lead shoutcaster. After each match, he compiles all of the video footage and shoutcasts, and uploads it to our VOD archive.

Greased is known for his exuberance during matches, often exclaiming "Holy SHITBALLS!" when something crazy happens, and generally screams like a young boy playing Nintendo for the first time.


Community Liason, Writer, and Co-Shoutcaster

Originally started gaming with Starsiege: TRIBES. Played Tribes 1 and Tribes: Vengeance competitively. Stix never played W:ET or RTCW, and is new to objective bases gameplay.

FishStix makes sure #et.tv (irc.gamesurge.com) is constantly moderated and the topic updated. FishStix will be the one to spam IRC or the community forums with upcoming ET.tv news / events. FishStix is also a shoutcaster when not playing for his own team, (1)shot.


EU Division Coordinator and Shoutcaster

The guy you love to hate & hate to love.

A known figure in both the EU & NA ETQW competitive scenes, Seanza pumps non-stop action into ETQW by providing cups, shoutcasts, fresh ideas & community support.

We all need a bit of Seanza in our lives!


MOTW Writer / Podcast Coordinator

Space was also a former Hellís Kat, now he resides on the JerkyBoys, and up and coming team. Space does a writeup every week for the Match of the Week, in which he analyzes all of the matchups of the week, runs statistics on the teams, and chooses his MOTW. Space also helps put together our podcasts and generally has a lot of ideas for the future.



Daniel Zhu, aka TreeFrog, has played with top ETQW clans: The United Force/mainLine and Team Fate. He has been a staff writer for ET.TV since 2008.

A world traveller, he has lived in China, West Africa, Alaska, and currently resides in South Korea. He is fluent in five languages, and is currently studying Korean. 안녕하세요!!!


Co-Shoutcaster / Community Informer

Sharp is formerly a member of TUF, and is currently a member of one of the top NA clans, Team FATE. He shoutcasts occasionally and lets people know what's coming.


EU Division Shoutcaster
Verticae is the Dutchman best known for his activity on ClanBase during the OC seasons. Yet, from static reports, he now is live on air, getting his thrills on while making Quake 3 sounds to the action.

His experience with competitive ETQW is pretty good, having been the captain of LAW and a member of Team Explanation, he knows what is there to go for.


EU Division Shoutcaster
Bio Pending


EU Division Shoutcaster
Bio Pending


Demo Box Coordinator

Backdraft is also currently on xR. His main job on the ET.TV is moral support and to give advice when it is needed. He also cleans up and organizes the Demo Box. (SUBMIT ALL YOUR DEMOS ~BD)


Press Liaison / Coordinator

Slava "stlava" Markeyev, also known as UncleJoe, has been gaming since the turn of the millennium. The majority of his in game time has been spent with team The United Force.

Slava comes to ET.TV with experience in live television broadcasts and web development experience. Here at ET.TV he functions as our press liaison, pre-match coordinator.


Competition Analyst / Writer
JohnnyMak got his start at ET.TV by writing up a detailed analysis and set of predictions for the TGL Playoffs.



Bio Pending


FrankSinatra was GreasedScotsman's main co-host for ET.TV for Season 1 and part of Season 2.


Reign helped shape ET.TV from near its inception and occasionally helped shoutcast a few matches before he found women, Jesus, work or some other distraction and disappeared.